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Jenkins Media Photography
Address: Level 2, 496 Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300
Phone: (02) 4926 1024

Some legal stuff

Great care is taken to abide by & respect the local council & state authority laws contained within New South Wales.

No photograph taken, shared or sold on this site (Jenkins Media Photography) or it’s connected sites (Jenkins Media) was captured by illegal means. We respect your privacy, both of property and of persons.

Because our work is mostly of landscapes & nature photography, we digitally remove any person or identifiable object (such as licence plates, phone numbers, etc) wherever possible. This is done out of respect and is in no way meant to be offensive or detract from the area/objects photographed.

Please read our Privacy Policy & Terms of Sale statements to find out more, or use the contact form if you believe we have breached these terms.

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